Characteristics of glass printing and how to realize exquisite printing

Glass printing refers to the printing method of glass plate or glass container as the main product.

Glass has a long history, even in modern society, glass can not be used

The lack of materials, especially glass plates and various glass products, has penetrated into the various social life

In several aspects. Since the 20th century, industrial glass products and edible glassware have been used

It can be produced in large quantities. It is not only transparent, colorless, but also can realize multi-color printing and low price


In recent years, in the international market, glass containers for food, such as milk bottles and cool drink bottles

The glass container market was affected by the paper cup instead of the paper cup, but due to the glass

Glass containers began to develop towards pharmaceutical and industrial glass containers, especially in small quantities

The high quality quantification of multiple varieties and prints will become a new growth point of glass printing, therefore, the high quality of printing products will be a new growth point,

Glass printing will have a new development, its development direction is the diversification of shape and the fine printing

beautify. Good glass printing effect


The main reasons for the printing of glass products are as follows:

(1) The glass surface is smooth and hard, and most of its products are transparent, so it is suitable for mining

The color printing is completed by the soft contact screen printing.

(2) Glass is an inorganic material, and has good chemical stability. It is connected with the ink

The binding force of organic synthetic resin is very small, which is not in accordance with the basic requirements of adhesion and durability

Please. Therefore, after printing, sintering treatment is often carried out, which requires that the ink layer should have certain

Thickness and heat resistance, and screen printing can meet this requirement.

Therefore, the fundamental problem of glass printing is to improve the surface of glass to ink

How to select special ink and carry out necessary post-treatment, and use combination at the same time

The screen printing method of the principle realizes the fine printing of glass products.