How to distinguish tempered glass from ordinary glass

Toughened glass is safety glass. It cools instantaneously when the glass is heated to near softening state according to the principle of material tempering. The toughened stress layer is generated inside the glass, which increases the resistance to pressure and impact on the surface of glass. After being broken, the particles are about the size of corn grains, which basically does no harm to human body


Ordinary glass has low resistance to pressure and impact on the surface, so it is easy to break. After being broken, there are all kinds of shapes, most of which are sharp knife shape and sharp edge. It is very harmful to human body. The glass is very straight without bending


How to distinguish tempered glass from ordinary glass


A simple method to distinguish tempered glass from ordinary glass:


1 with polarized sunglasses, you can see the color stripes, no toughening should not be seen


Turn the angle to see whether there are pressure spots on the glass surface. You will see the irregular deformation of the glass on the whole panel


3 look at the side. When the glass is toughened, it will soften, and the flatness will become worse because of the roller table. When facing each other, the gap in the middle is an ellipse, which is obvious


The flatness of tempered glass is worse than that of ordinary glass. Simple method: put two pieces of glass face-to-face, and observe the two long edges of the two adjacent pieces of glass to see if there is any obvious gap between the long edges of the two pieces of glass. If there are gaps, they are all in a fixed arc. If so, they should be tempered, It's not the back of the face. It's physical. Otherwise, take two X-ray films for a look. When you look at the side at 70 degrees, you should see blue wind spots after tempering. The flatness of the glass is obviously lower than that of the glass without tempering


Bring a flat mirror in the sun. Toughened glass is flower, glass is not


Toughening standard is high temperature ink through screen printing on the glass, in the process of glass tempering, high temperature ink and glass surface combination, so, if you do not use hydrofluoric acid wipe will not be removed (even if the use of hydrofluoric acid will leave more obvious traces). Therefore, to see whether the glass toughened simple and direct way is to mark the toughening mark


Sharp objects can be used to depict the edge of the glass (it is suggested that the glass can not be seen after installation in the future). If it is easy to scratch, it means that the glass is not tempered. If the glass surface is very hard and it is difficult to scratch, it indicates that the glass has been toughened


When a piece of toughened glass is broken, the fragment will break into small particles of average size, and there is no common sharp angle of glass knife